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LAVRA Corp. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") provides a firm guarantee to the purchaser that, for a decade (10 years) commencing from the first installation date, the Company will rectify defects on LAVRA GLOSSY PPF (hereafter "Product(s)") including issues like yellowing, cracking, formation of blisters, and layer separation. This Assurance is pertinent only for products of the Company that have been expertly set up following the Company's recommendations.

Should the Product exhibit a malfunction or not perform as per its guarantee solely because of production anomalies during the Guarantee Span, the Company can either opt to replace or remove the said Product without any costs. If choosing to replace, a chosen authorized installer by the Company will attend to the removal and reapplication of the Product on areas which the Company, in its independent judgment, deems covered under this Assurance. The Company shoulders both labor and parts costs. This Guarantee's sole recourse for any product defect is its replacement. For the entire duration of this Guarantee Span, the Company's commitment towards rectification or substitution is restricted to the Products available during the service period and pertains only to that specific product that shows manufacturing issues. Any rectified or replaced items will continue to be under the original Guarantee Span, without initiating a new guarantee term. These constitute the sole resolutions under this Guarantee.

To benefit from this Assurance, the Company requires the presentation of the warranty card, the original purchase receipt specifying coverage zones, and a comprehensive description of the alleged defect. For servicing under this Guarantee, the installation agency authorized by the Company that conducted the initial setup must be notified in writing, accompanied by the claimer's details, product description, and defect nature.

This Guarantee can be passed on to a subsequent owner if the original installation evidence is submitted to the Company. Transferring the Guarantee only grants the subsequent owner the remaining period of the original guarantee.

Products Storage & Use Cautionary Notes

Products of the Company must adhere to storage, usage, handling, setup, and maintenance guidelines set by the Company. This Assurance hinges on these stipulations. The Company's instructional guides can be accessed at the provided address or by reaching out to +1 (707) 810-7777or visiting the Company's official webpage.

LAVRA Paint Protection films act as a potent shield for car paint.

Guarantee Exclusions

This Assurance doesn't cover:

  1. Non-adherence to the Company’s instructions leading to issues like physical, chemical, or thermal misuse.
  2. Inappropriate storage, setup, handling, or product usage.
  3. Damages in customer's custody not due to manufacturing issues.
  4. Unjustifiable or unintended product use.
  5. Installation of products with apparent manufacturing defects.
  6. Staining or superficial scratches.
  7. Improper washing causing surface damage.
  8. Exterior damages from accidents like collisions or natural calamities.
  9. Not addressing repairs post-paint or bodywork.
  10. Non-vehicular product application.
  11. Application of non-LAVRA ceramic coatings.
  12. External impacts like road debris.

All product suggestions by the Company are shared for user convenience without assurance of precision or suitability. Users must ascertain product compatibility.

Warranty Limitations

The only assurances provided by the Company for the products are outlined here. The Company dismisses all other warranties and assures compliance only to the specific standards detailed by them. The company's solitary obligation under this guarantee is rectification or replacement of non-compliant products, or a potential refund.

Liability Caps

Any claims shall not surpass the product's purchasing cost. The Company isn't liable for indirect losses or damages including but not limited to loss of profit, business opportunities, or data. The company is not responsible for any issues arising from product sales or usage



Lavra PPF is the embodiment of the latest scientific advancements, top-tier manufacturing techniques, and our innovative approach. The outcome is a product that provides comprehensive protection for your vehicle's paint finish against a variety of environmental challenges, such as rocks, sand, insects, chemicals, and sun exposure.

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