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Preparation: Begin by thoroughly washing the surface of the vehicle to remove any dust, dirt, or grease. It's crucial to have a clean surface before starting the installation process. If necessary, use a clay bar or similar detailing tool to remove any embedded contaminants.

Cutting the Film: Roll out the Lavra PPF and cut it to the size of the area you want to protect. Leave some extra margin around the edges; you can trim this off later for a precise fit.

Mixing the Solutions: Prepare two solutions, one with distilled water and a few drops of neutral soap (without additives), and the other with isopropyl alcohol diluted with water (9:1 water to alcohol ratio is recommended). The soap solution will help the film slide and be positioned correctly, while the alcohol solution will help it adhere to the surface.

Wetting the Surface: Spray the area of the vehicle where you will install the film generously with the soap solution.

Applying the Film: Remove the backing from the Lavra PPF and spray the adhesive side with the soap solution. Position the film on the wetted area of the vehicle. The soap solution will allow you to slide the film into the correct position.

Squeegee Out the Solution: Once the film is in the correct position, spray the surface of the film with the alcohol solution. Using a squeegee, start from the center and move towards the edges to push out any bubbles or solution trapped underneath. The alcohol solution will activate the adhesive and help the film stick to the surface.

Trimming the Edges: After the film is applied and all bubbles are removed, carefully trim the edges for a perfect fit.

Drying: Allow the vehicle to sit and the film to cure for 48 hours before washing or exposing to harsh conditions. This will ensure optimal adhesion and durability.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed your Lavra PPF. Enjoy the enhanced protection and aesthetic value it adds to your vehicle. Remember, Lavra PPF exhibits a self-healing effect, so minor scratches will disappear over time with exposure to heat.

Note: It's highly recommended to have Lavra PPF installed by a professional installer. However, if you decide to install it yourself, please ensure you have the necessary tools and take all safety precautions.

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Lavra PPF is the embodiment of the latest scientific advancements, top-tier manufacturing techniques, and our innovative approach. The outcome is a product that provides comprehensive protection for your vehicle's paint finish against a variety of environmental challenges, such as rocks, sand, insects, chemicals, and sun exposure.

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