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Life Hacks

Clean, Clean, Clean: You can't overdo cleanliness when it comes to PPF installation. Start with a thorough wash, then follow up with a clay bar treatment and an isopropyl alcohol wipe down. This ensures all contaminants are removed from the surface.

Lighting is Key: Use plenty of bright, diffused lighting. It will help you see imperfections or trapped debris underneath the film. LED work lights can be a good choice here.

Use Baby Shampoo: A few drops of baby shampoo in your slip solution can help you position the film precisely without leaving a residue. Baby shampoo is gentle, non-irritating, and typically does not contain additives that can interfere with adhesion.

Invest in a Good Squeegee: A good-quality squeegee can make all the difference in smoothing out the film and pushing out the solution underneath. Consider a squeegee with a flexible edge and a firm handle for best results.

The Hard Card Trick: For stubborn areas that don’t stick, wrap a hard card (like a credit card) in a microfiber cloth and gently apply heat while pressing the area. It can work wonders.

Patience with Edges: Let the edges of the film dry a bit before trying to secure them. They'll adhere better. You can also use a heat gun to help the film conform to curved edges.

Practice on a Small Piece: Before tackling larger, more visible areas, practice installing PPF on a small, inconspicuous area of your vehicle. This can help you get a feel for the material and the installation process.

Keep the Surface Wet: Always keep the surface wet when applying and adjusting the film. It helps prevent the film from prematurely sticking and decreases the likelihood of scratches during adjustment.

Don’t Rush the Cure Time: After installation, allow the film to cure for the full recommended time before washing or waxing your vehicle. This ensures a proper bond and longevity of your PPF.

Stay Calm and Patient: Lastly, stay patient. PPF installation can be challenging. If a part isn't going on right, lift it off, spray some more solution, and try again.

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