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Installation liquids


For optimal results, we advise the use of distilled or purified water in your installation process. Regular tap water often contains excessive quantities of dissolved minerals such as Iron and Calcium which could negatively impact both the installation process and the aesthetics of the finished film.

Slip Solution

We recommend Johnson Baby Shampoo or any other neutral soap devoid of additives like moisturizers, as these could leave undesirable, cloudy residues under the film. As far as soap solutions are concerned, the ideal mixture depends on the temperature. For colder weather, between 15°-23°C (60°-74°F), we advise the addition of 2-3 drops (less than 0.5ml) of soap per 32-ounce spray bottle. In contrast, during warmer weather, at temperatures of 24°-32°C (75°-90°F), you should aim for 4-5 drops (less than 1ml) of soap per 32-ounce spray bottle.

Although some paint protection films in the market may necessitate higher quantities of soap during installation, this is not advisable for our Lavra product. Using more soap than suggested can lead to excessive sliding and potentially compromise adhesion. Hence, we recommend adhering to our suggested soap levels for optimal installation results.

Tuck Solution

As for the Alcohol (Tack) solution, we recommend the use of isopropyl alcohol, which is conveniently available at any pharmacy or grocery store. You can typically find it in 70% or 90% grades - both are suitable for our purposes. However, be cautious to dilute the alcohol with water according to the instructions below, as applying undiluted alcohol to the adhesive may lead to cloudiness.

Our recommended ratio for the tack solution is 90% water to 10% alcohol. If more tack is required, you can adjust the alcohol concentration to be 20%, with water making up the remaining 80%. However, we strongly discourage any concentrations of alcohol higher than 20% since it can damage the adhesive.

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